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Are you searching for a new laptop for your studies or work? Is it your first time buying a computer, and you don’t know where to get the best deals? There are hundreds of computer stores in Kenya where you can get the best machine that fits your specifications and budget.

You can buy the best in Kenya from physical and online stores for a brand-new or refurbished laptop. Thanks to high internet penetration in the country, most of these shops have physical and online segments and deliver products to customers nationwide.

The best places to get laptops for sale in Kenya include:

Auction Sites

There are several auction sites where you can get great deals on laptops.

E-bay is one of the most popular laptop auction sites, where buyers rush to the best low-cost laptops from the best dealers. It is the favorite spot for students, low-budget professionals, and computer resellers.

Most of the refurbishing companies sell their refurbished laptops through E-bay. The company has measures for protecting buyers from fraudulent sellers, making it trusted by buyers and sellers.

Things to know when buying a laptop from auction sites

For most people, purchasing a computer from an auction site is not their first option. However, if you plan to do it, follow the following tips to make the process seamless and secure.

  • Always read and understand the full product description.
  • Ask the sellers all questions you have about the laptop before placing a bid
  • Factor in the shipping costs, which can significantly increase the budget.
  • Check for third-party reviews on the seller if available.
  • Where possible, pay using third-party payment processors like PayPal. They hold the payments for a certain period to allow you to check if the laptop delivered meets the conditions indicated by the seller.

Buying Previously-owned Laptops

You can get a laptop at a lower price from a friend or colleague who wants to upgrade. As user preference changes, people are always seeking new laptops with better functionalities, making them look for the market for the used ones.

What to check when buying a laptop from a person

  • Ensure the laptop has all the accessories. If some are unavailable, factor in the cost of buying new ones when bargaining for the computer.
  • Investigate the ownership of a laptop to prevent buying a stolen one that may land you into problems with the authorities. Only buy from a person you are sure that they own the machine.
  • Check on the functionalities of the laptop. The batteries, ports, webcam, power connectors, volume rockers, keypads, and optical drives should work correctly.
  • The cost of a previously-owned laptop should be affordable. It shouldn’t cost like a new or refurbished one. 

HuzTech Technologies

Located at Queens Mall Building Rm G16, Moi Avenue Nairobi, HuzTech offers the best deals on laptops, software, and hardware accessories. Their long experience in dealing with computers and excellent customer service allows them to effectively serve their customers and solve all computer hardware and software-related issues.

Unlike auction sites and e-commerce platforms, HuzTech gives you personalized services based on your needs. You can always call staff members in case you need to troubleshoot your machine and can’t figure out how to do it. 

E-commerce Sites

There are several e-commerce sites in Kenya where you can buy laptops, with Jumia being the most popular. It features a variety of products, including laptops. You can check on some of the best laptops from different sellers.

Factors to Consider When Searching for Laptops for Sale in Kenya

Hundreds of physical and online shops are selling laptops and computer accessories in Kenya. They include:

  • The legitimacy of the shop: The rise of online shops has increased the avenues for fraudsters to steal from unsuspecting customers. It is necessary to check the identity of any store before doing business with them. Read online reviews or visit their physical stores if necessary.
  • Price: It is possible to compare prices of different stores to ensure you get the best bargain. Always source for a computer that fits your budget.
  • Condition of the laptops: Some stores deal with brand-new computers, while others sell refurbished units. The seller should indicate the laptop’s condition so customers can decide which one to buy.
  • Warranty: Every laptop should come with at least a year warranty to protect the customer from loss in case of unexpected malfunctioning.

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