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Buying a new laptop can cost you a considerable chunk of money, especially when you go for top-of-the-range machines with high power, speed and excellent functionality. This option is predominantly out of reach for most buyers, which forces them to seek cheaper alternatives.

When searching for cheap laptops to buy online, the term ‘refurbished laptops’ is common in all searches. To most people, a refurbished laptop is a low-quality or outdated machine. However, this is not the case.

There is nothing wrong with a refurbished or reconditioned laptop. They allow you to get the best machines at reasonable prices.

Refurbished Laptop Explained

A factory refurbished laptop refers to a previously-owned laptop that the customer returned for some reason, checked, repaired if necessary, cleaned, upgraded and resold. These laptops come with new warranties.

Refurbished laptops are generally lower than new and non-previously owned laptops but higher than second-hand ones, mainly bought from the current owners. However, brand, size, and system components may affect the price. The company wipes out all the data left by the previous user. In most cases, refurbishing is done by the laptop’s original manufacturer and sold to resellers.

A used laptop is different from the refurbished one. They are not inspected, repaired, upgraded, or cleaned before reselling and are usually of dubious quality.

Most customers would like to own the latest high-tech computer on the market, but the cost of these laptops deter the majority from actualizing their dreams. Conscious of this, manufacturers adopted the refurbishing strategy where they provide tech-savvy consumers with affordable laptops featuring the latest technology and high performance. 

Refurbished Laptop Grades

Resellers indicate the grades of the refurbished laptop to show its condition and the type of wear and tear or damage to expect. They are usually classified as grades A, B, and C. 

Grade A

Grade A refurbished laptops have no significant defects and flawless functionality and operating system. These computers are barely used as they are returned by the customer a short time after the purchase because they didn’t like them or didn’t meet their performance expectations. For instance, A customer can order a laptop online, open the box, turn the computer on, and then decide to return it.

They have no scratches or marks and come with original boxes and accessories. Grade A is almost the same as buying a brand new one with a few dollars difference in price. 

Grade B

A class B refurbished laptop has minor imperfections like screen scratches and worn keyboard keys but not enough to affect the machine’s functionality. 

Grade B refurbished laptops have been used for some time but not long enough to interfere with the operating system. They usually come with new boxes and accessories, as the original ones are damaged or lost.

Grade C

Class C laptops show more defects than class B units; however, the operating system usually still works. The original boxes and accessories are unavailable, but the reseller provides another bag and a compatible charger. In addition, the price of Grade C refurbished laptops is much lower than new units by around a third. 

Things to Look Out For When Purchasing a Refurbished Laptop

If you have lost your laptop, the current one is slowing, or you want to have your first computer and opt for a refurbished mode, there are several things you should consider.

First, check the cost to see if the available refurbished units fit your budget. Different brands cost differently. The condition of the refurbished laptop also determines its prices, with Grade A costing almost as brand new units.

Secondly, consider the nature of the job you want to do with the computer. Specific computer programs require powerful machines, while basic jobs require simple computers.

Another thing to look at is the nature of scratches to know if you will need to replace some parts a few days after purchasing the laptop. This may lead to additional unbudgeted costs.

You should also check on the battery of the refurbished computer. Most resellers replace old batteries with new ones, while some resell with old ones, so checking is necessary. An old battery means you will have to buy another one soon.

Warranty is the next thing you should check for in a refurbished laptop. It is necessary to buy from a retailer that offers a warranty, which shows that they are also confident with the products they sell. It will also save money if the laptop unexpectedly breaks down during the warranty period.

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