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Sometimes our computers start slowing down, signaling us that it is now the right moment to get repaired. Some get very old, making us draft budgets for a new one. However, refurbished computers come in handy to save our pockets as they sell out at low prices.  The cost is one thing that comes to mind when buying a new machine. A new laptop is costly, but refurbished laptop sellers can cut the price to 25% and deliver a machine that gives high performance. The big question is, how do you land a good deal a refurbished laptop in Kenya? Read on to get some helpful insights.

Check the online reviews

Today, businesses have shifted their services online, where customers can purchase a product and get delivery at the comfy of their couches. The system has helped save time and money, bringing convenience to all customers. Many customers will always leave a positive or negative review depending on how a company serves them. Customers will always read online reviews to get a glimpse of what they are dealing with. Online reviews will capture the purposes of buying refurbished laptops, RAM, storage space, and accurate quality ratings.

Check the warranty 

New laptops such as Macbooks come with a one-year warranty. In addition, products such as Apple Care offer an option to buy an extended warranty. Warranty is a factor to consider when purchasing refurbished laptops, as customers may experience faulty repairs or hidden issues that pop out when using the laptop. Sellers who offer a six to one-year warranty are deemed the best. Their reputation has grown magnificently, attracting a significant number of customers. Huzztec offers a one-year warranty on refurbished laptop products posted on their website. 

Check how much of a discount you receive on the refurbished device

Refurbished laptops save you money, but getting them from a well-established website does not mean that a customer will land a great deal. A buyer is entitled to do some homework online and find the cost of the preferred original brand before purchasing a refurbished laptop. Comparing the set prices helps a customer know the amount of discount one can get. The best discounts stand between 40%-50% on the original cost. Old versions will always have a higher discount compared to newly refurbished models.

Check if the refurbisher replaces batteries

The deal of buying a refurbished laptop is fueled or broken by the battery life. The battery loses its productivity with time as its life decreases gradually. A brand new laptop can hold power for 12 hours depending on the purpose, and the battery life decreases to lasting for only four hours. Reputable refurbishers offer battery replacement services. Established sellers always test their batteries and do not sell laptops that cannot hold less than 85% of their original power. Buying a refurbished laptop from a site that does not offer battery replacements is always wrong. 

Check the year the used laptop was released

The year of release plays a significant role in giving a refurbished laptop vital information. The year gives a  customer the bargaining power, which helps lower the cost of the refurbished laptop. Customers should pay less for a laptop that is five years old compared to the same computer that is two years old. Moreover, the year of release tells the generation processor a computer uses. For instance, the Core i5 processor set in a MacBook  2014 series cannot match the Core i5 processor on a 2018 MacBook. On the other hand, Dell XPS 13 2017 model cannot much the capabilities of the Dell XPS 13 2020 model despite the two having the same RAM.

Ensure the refurbished laptop is getting security updates

A customer should ensure that the laptop gets security and feature updates. Laptops that use Windows 10 will receive updates until October 2025; thus, consumers should get refurbished laptops that are Windows 11 compatible.

The above insights should boost a buyer’s confidence when buying a refurbished laptop. Refurbished laptops are cheap, but customers should always do their homework and find how much discount they will receive. Before landing a deal, customers should ensure that sellers provide battery replacement services and check the year of release.

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