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There are so many models of laptops for sale in Nairobi that have hit the market, and choosing one can be a daunting task. They come with different specifications that make it more challenging. Laptop models have additional capabilities, sizes, drive storage, CPU speed, graphics, and RAM. The laptop’s needs differ, and consumers approach Nairobi laptop shops with different budgets. However, there is always something for everyone, but it is essential to take due diligence to avoid messing up. Below are some hacks to help customers land good deals when purchasing laptops in Nairobi.


Consumers have plans on what to do next after purchasing the laptop of their dreams. Size matters as it never changes as ROM or RAM is upgraded later. The average sizes start at 11.6 inches to 17.3 inches, but brands such as HP, Dell, ASUS, and ACER have 13.3,15.6 17.3 inches, respectively. Customers can also get shops that sell sizes ranging from 11.6,12.5, and 14 inches. Smaller-sized Windows laptops are portable, thinner, and lighter than other brands. Their screens are 12.5- 13.3 inches and weigh between 1kg and 1.5 kg. Laptops with small screens can hardly support high-end Intel Core CPUs.


A good laptop has a comfortable display that makes users feel comfortable to use for long hours. Today, laptop models have introduced touchscreens that have had their share in the market after making things easier. However, customers must be ready to deal with glossier screens that give a glaring look. Gamers, content creators, and writers are more susceptible to more polished screens than handle their usual tasks. Resolution is another crucial element that customers consider before sealing with any laptop vendor. The minimum resolution is 1920*1080- pixel resolution, which better serves those who like to keep things in view and adore enough space for the Windows lineup.

Keyboard quality

Keyboards that pack in every key are such drawbacks to people with long tying sessions. Users will feel frantic searching for specific keys, including delete keys and arrow keys. Customers in Nairobi are looking for laptop models with keys and letters built with enough space between each other. The snappy responsiveness in every key and comfortability when down-stroking is a vibe that makes users feel confident when buying a laptop. Many will make a deal after discovering that the keyboard has a backlit that helps them type in dim light environments.


It is easy to capture the stickers of various silicon techs such as Core i3, Corei5, and even Corei7 processors below the keyboard. The best performance is attained after using an Intel Core processor that allows users to multitask and carry out multimedia tasks. Many models have created Corei5 and Corei7 that give the best performance to the users. However, some models use Intel i9 Core processors that offer better versions than Core i7, but their prices are usually higher.


Gone are the days when customers were attracted to 4GB RAM. Today, customers are attracted to the minimum 8GB RAM, while power users never hesitate to buy 16GB RAM. Gamers like scaling their demands by purchasing 32 GB RAM and beyond to improve their gaming experience. A bigger RAM can handle many applications simultaneously, allowing quick data accessibility at anytime.

Battery life

Some laptops can hold power for an entire day, allowing users to work comfortably whenever they feel like it. On the other hand, some laptops can only last for a few hours, making users only work in areas with an electrical outlet. It is essential to check the battery Watt-hours or milliamp-hours before buying any laptop model. The battery will last depending on how large the figures grow. For instance, laptops 13.3 inches with a battery rating of 50Wh -60Wh give an improved performance. Another good pinch is to look at whether the laptop supports fast charging.

Getting a laptop that suits your business can be challenging, but a clear look at the display, size, keyboard, RAM, and CPU can help land the best deal in town.

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